Nanoleaf Elements Hexagons Starter Kit come with everything you need to create your own unique lighting designs. Enjoy the sophisticated wood grain veneer while off, or turn them on to illuminate your space with a dynamic glow. Instal in your living room, bedroom, entryway, or any space where you want to add an elegant and organic feel to your home. Instal on any flat surface with included adhesive Mounting Tape; no additional tools required. Compatible with all Connect+ products like Shapes Triangles, Hexagons, and Mini Triangles.


What’s in the box?

The box contains 7 light panels, connectors, spare stickers, control panel and power supply.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

This range is the latest in Nanoleafs really cool sets for making you home or office really unique to you. This time the shapes have a wood look that really blends well.

Once you have decided on your overall shape, you put the hexagons together which are held firmly in place by the connectors. You then can stick the hexagons to the wall. There really isn’t that much else to that actual physical creation of your shape. Play around with your design on the floor before you put it on the wall as it’s just easier to change things.

You then use the Nanoleaf app to add the creation and control everything from there, including the ambient whites (previous Nanoleaf products allowed you to choose from millions of colours), how it reacts to music, and so much more. The possibilities are endless! There are also 11 curated scenes to choose from as well – they all bring something different and it’s worth checking them all out to see what works for you. And one of the great things is that you can easily choose another scene whenever you want, all at the touch of a button.

If you decide to change your line design after it’s been stuck to the wall, you are going to need to buy some more stickers – keep that in mind. They are really cheap though, so it might be worth getting some before you need them so as not to stifle your creativity.

The Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons really do make your home or office stand out and are a lot of fun to set up. And the great thing is you can have them change colours and react differently whenever you want, all from the app too. They also look really good whether they are switched on or off!

If you want to create something unique and cool for your home or office, take a look at the Nanoleaf Elements range – you wont be disappointed.

The Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons Smarter Kit is available now priced around £159.99.

You can learn more from the Nanoleaf website.

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