Warlord intros its Premium Gaming Seat Series

Warlord Technologies Sdn. Bhd. had launched the Warlord Premium Gaming Seat series, a product optimized in term of comfort and cost, allowing it to exhibit high quality at much accessible price range.

Engineered for highest comfort and durability, the seat is built with reinforced steel frame structure and high elasticity rubber straps. These allow heavy duty usage as well as high heat dissipation capability.

Warlord Gaming Seat offers various adjustment features. It is capable of full degree inclination, with 15 degree tunable and lockable tilt mechanism. Apart from that, the armrests can also be adjusted in 4 directions to suit user’s preference.

Utilizing premium PU leather with high density soft foam and cold cure molded foam, the seat exhibits premium level comfort and appearance. These selections also greatly elevate the durability of the seat and ease of maintenance.

Equipped with class 4 gas lift piston and high grade aluminum alloy leg frame, the seat exhibits superb stability and weight capacity. The seat also come with 4 color selections which are highly preferable by gamers, this makes it more eye-catching and easy to fit perfectly in to user’s gaming setup. To maximize the ergonomics benefit, the seat also come with adjustable head and lumbar cushions for extra posture supports.

Premium Comfort, Affordable Price and Better Heat Dissipation
WarlordWarlord Gaming Seat had made great break through, offering premium level quality at a very affordable price in the global market. This has also open up bigger markets, as more people can afford this essential investment. Utilization of high elasticity rubber straps as the backrest and seat supports allow maximum softness and heat dissipation, allowing users to sit for long hours without feeling hot or discomfort. It also serves as shock absorber, increasing the seat’s resistance for sudden exerted forces.

Forged for Maximum Durability, good investment for health and ergonomics

Warlord2Built with heavy duty materials, the seat is able to withstand extreme and prolonged usage without breaking a sweat. The heavy duty structure is able to hold up to a safe margin of 150kg capacity. The ergonomics design can bring health benefits to the users by correcting their seating postures. This can also allow better body weight distribution and blood circulation.

All-in-one Design that lets you sit longer and work better

Warlord3The seat offers full range adjustable features, such as 180 degree backrest inclination with 15 degree tilt mechanism, height adjustment as well as 4-directional armrests adjustment. It can be your perfect gaming/working seat, it can also be your bed for resting! The use of high density foam and top grade PU leather allows better seating comfort. With the heat dissipation feature, the users can sit and focus on their game/work for long hours without being distracted due to discomfort.

Source: Warlord

I really don’t know what i’m doing. So, I just keep on writing about what i’m thinking.



I really don't know what i'm doing. So, I just keep on writing about what i'm thinking.